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We at The Portland Inn Project are writing
a 100 Year Plan with and for our community.

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Our Context

Just over 500 households make up the Portland
Street triangle, a traditionally working class, but
increasingly culturally diverse neighbourhood
that sits beside a derelict brownfield & 2 large
industrial plants producing sound & air pollution.

Portland Inn Project

In the 2019 Indices of Deprivation, the neighbourhood was cited as being within the top 10% most deprived in the UK, creating additional barriers to work and quality of life for people who live here. A combination of factors means that the neighbourhood has been marginalised for a number of years, and has often been left out of decision making which affect residents locally. Through the work that we are doing, we are forging ways to be in charge of our own decision making, and to make plans for ourselves.

A 100 year plan can be a physical and geographical plan for a community landscape but it works just as well as a concept of change over time. Our 100 Year Plan centres around making our neighbourhood a better place to live for people and planet.

Want to know how you can begin one too? Here’s how we made a start…

This is a film about our 100 Year Plan, made with
Emmy award winning Junction15 productions.