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The Tools


Very few gardens start with a blank canvas. Understanding the roots for your 100 Year Plan are crucial. The context is key: What is already here? What are our treasures and what is important?

We have developed The Tools which can help you and your community to map out The Roots of your 100 Year Plan.

inspecting the roots
preparing vegetables


Knowing who will care about the development of your 100 Year Plan is important, as this should determine who will be involved in developing the plan with you.

We have developed The Tools to help you and your community understand the Connections that need to be made; which individuals, groups and organisations should be involved in the process of writing your 100 Year Plan.


Visioning the future that you want to plot out with your community through the 100 Year Plan provides a chance to share your hopes and dreams for your neighbourhood.

We have developed The Tools to help you get started with your community, to imagine a better future for your neighbourhood, and to define your shared Hopes which will inform your plan.

acorn in fingers
planting for the future

Future Actions

A dream is just a dream until it is put into action: In order to see your community’s 100 Year Plan become a reality you will need to work together to identify the actions you are going to collectively take to make positive changes for your place.

We have developed The Tools to help you get started on defining your Future Actions for your neighbourhood, to ensure you are able to deliver your 100 Year Plan together.